TMA 338   Directing for the Media                   (3 Units – E)

It is a study of techniques of directing radio and screen plays. Emphasis will be on the director’s role in production as distinct from other technical staff.

TMA 336   Studio Management Principles       (3 Units – E)

The course is a practical exposition of the broadcast studio management, floor management, organization and their solution to context and environmental factors.

TMA 332   Technical Directing       (3 Units – E)

The course enumerates the nuances of technical directing; elaborates the various styles and techniques in directing for the stage and for the screen, emphasising the training requirements of the would-be technical director.

TMA 334   Basic Choreography and Kinaesthetic     (3 Units – E)

The course is an exploration of techniques of dance-drama idioms based on selected texts that reveal the interrelation of linear and non-linear activity, traditional relationship of dance to music, variation, direction and rhythm. Suitable exercises will distinguish ‘set’ and ‘improve’ dances.

TMA 316   Basic Non Verbal Communication  (3 Units – C)

It is a study of non-verbal cues as the external stimuli emanating from body motion, characteristics of appearance and voice (kinesis) and the use of space and distancing which enables the actor to recognize and interpret the cultural and racial differences in communicating roles in various contexts.

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