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TMA 301 Modern African Drama and Theatre

It is a study of the origin and development of written works of drama in Africa. The course incorporates how major African authors have used theatre to respond to cultural, social and political situations in various regions of the continent.


TMA   303           Research Method for the Humanities                          3C

This is a course in the basic approaches to scientific gathering of data, definition of methodology, evolution of presentational style manuals; following the collection and analysis of materials for research in order to achieve a perfect finish of the essay or project.


TMA   305 Acting Techniques (for the Stage & for the Screen)    3C

It is a study of the fundamental skills and techniques of acting. The study is designed to expose students to skills and techniques in acting; on stage, for the screen and radio.


TMA   307           Costume and Make-up                                                 3C

The study follows the history and evolution of various styles of costuming through the ages. In the process, the student notes how national and regional traditions of dressing, textiles and garment textures have influenced the conceptions of costuming for the stage and other performance media as well as make-up techniques.


TMA   309           Production Workshop                                        2C

This is a study of the dynamics of play creation which examines the various aspects of the theatre experience and how they are achieved. The investigation covers play writing/drama creation, artistic/technical directing, stage management and theatre management. Individual or group projects may be incorporated.


TMA   311  Computer and Theatre                                       3C

It is an introductory course in the use computer in the theatre. The study accommodates the history and development of computer and its multipurpose nature. The course incorporates practical sessions in computer application to basic theatre and media programmes.


Elective: One from

TMA   331           Theatre Administration & Studio Management         3E

The students would be exposed, in this course, to the principles that informed performance management; in addition, they would also be encouraged to managed various departmental productions to enable them gain experience in the administration of the theatre.


TMA   333 Plastic Graphic Design for Stage & Screen Productions.     3E                                                     3E

It is a basic course which explores the relations of plastic, graphic, textile and structural arts of Nigeria to theatrical needs in the construction of masks, mashes, figurines and statuettes, posters, brochures, etc; in a production, or in classroom, the demonstration arena, or other dramatic context.


TMA   335           Speech Arts                                                                   3E

Through basic exercises which aid articulation and voice projection, the student studies phonemic and stress patterns of English and their interaction with various Nigerian language tones. So grounded, the student learns to speak poetry and prose with differing dramatic effect as demanded by the acting context or the text.


Total Units            21



TMA   304           Nigerian Drama and Theatre                                      3C

The study is a close focus on developments and trends in Nigerian drama and theatre since 1900 to see how playwrights, directors, proprietors of performing groups, designers, choreographers, technologists who have handled the evolution of contemporary times and with what prospects for the allied media serviced by drama and theatre such as video and cinema.


TMA   302           Research Methodology                                       3C

This is a course in the basic approaches to scientific gathering of data, definition of methodology, and collation and analysis of materials for research in various areas of the theatre. Historically and practically approached, the best and latest models of research are pursued for scholarly rediscovery and recording of information from archives, libraries and field work.


TMA   306           Children’s Theatre                                                        3C

The student learns how to explore the dramatic imagination of young people by encouraging communication awareness and interaction at various levels through movement, mime and eurhythmics. Practical tasks are assigned and evaluated both in selected schools in the community and at the periodic playhouse project. (Prerequisite TMA 202)


TMA   308           Philosophies and Policies of Arts and Culture          2C

The relatedness of artistic forms and cultural practices in the African society will be examined. The effect of culture on the development and growth of art forms will also be investigated. The course will incorporate the effect of government policies on the development of arts and culture.


TMA  312            Voice and Presentation on Radio and Television     2C

Special attention is paid to voice training to prepare the student to meet professional and standardized requirements for radio and television presentation. The various relationships of communication are studied as a composite of the transmission of information, ideas, emotions, and skills via audio and visual.                                                                 

TMA   314                     Intermediate Play Directing                                3C

This is a follow up course to TMA202. It is a study in the mechanics of directing for the stage. It incorporates the director’s application of the principles of composition, picturization, movement, rhythm and pantomimic dramatization is emphasized.


TMA   316           Basic Non Verbal Communication                     3C

It is a study of non-verbal cues as the external stimuli emanating from body motion, characteristics of appearance and voice (kinesis) and the use of space and distancing which enables the actor to recognize and interpret the cultural and racial differences in communicating roles in various contexts.


Elective: One from

TMA 332   Technical Directing                                             3E

The course enumerates the nuances of technical directing; elaborates the various styles and techniques in directing for the stage and for the screen, emphasising the training requirements of the would-be technical director.


TMA 334   Basic Choreography and Kinaesthetic                        3E

The course is an exploration of techniques of dance-drama idioms based on selected texts that reveal the interrelation of linear and non-linear activity, traditional relationship of dance to music, variation, direction and rhythm. Suitable exercises will distinguish ‘set’ and ‘improve’ dances.


TMA   336           Studio Management Principles                                    3E

The course is a practical exposition of the broadcast studio management, floor management, organization and their solution to context and environmental factors.


TMA   338           Directing for the Media                                                3E

It is a study of techniques of directing radio and screen plays. Emphasis will be on the director’s role in production as distinct from other technical staff.


Total Units                      21


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